Pink Mountains S.r.l

Pink Mountains is a subsidiary company that is closely linked to the territory of Upper Valsesia, founded with the primary purpose of investing resources and energy for the development of tourism and real estate in the valley. One of the main entrepreneurial objectives of the company is helping to address a lack of accommodation, and aims to create new buildings and hotels that are capable of meeting the demands of the high-level international clientele that makes up 90% of wintertime tourism in the area, guests who wish to make use of premium accommodation during their stay. In Alagna Valsesia, Pink Mountains is building a structure of 92 underground parking garages located just a few metres from the departure point of the ski lifts, partly for sale and partly to be matched with upcoming property developments. To contact the sales office, you can call +39 0163 922984, or Stefano Martelli on +39 348 4981416.


Sede operativa
Località Miniere, 9 - 13020 Riva Valdobbia (VC)
tel +39 0163.922984
fax +39 0163.922656
C.F. e P.IVA 07044300965

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