Planning a major job is a harmonious blend of many different aspects, it also means solving different kinds of critical problems, but most importantly, it is the result of a vision that’s not afraid to dare and create innovative shapes in space. Experience and technical ability in terms of engineering are the qualities that push Bertini Costruzioni to invest in this sector.

The company provides all types of support necessary to build and complete major works. From quality control to acquiring permissions from institutions, from on-site assistance to safety in the workplace, we follow every step of the project’s implementation, ensuring the best possible outcome.


One of Impresa Bertini’s strong points is the ability to develop specific custom architectural projects and plan their implementation with fixed timeframes and costs.

Starting from listening to the needs and objectives expressed by the client, and using a proven system and method of analysis, the requirements that the finished product must have can be identified. This process for the shared development of the project, thanks to the company’s technical expertise, is the groundwork for a detailed implementation plan that translates into preventative planning and determining the timeframes and costs of the job, so that the results can be guaranteed.

The client, for the entire duration of the process, has the opportunity to interact with a single point of contact in charge of coordinating the activity, someone who is ready to quickly respond and intervene in all the different operational phases of the site, optimising synergy between technicians, workers, suppliers and partners.

We also offer complete assistance for the fulfilment of bureaucratic authorisation procedures with the relevant institutions.


We use a young, well-trained team of internal professionals to create architectural projects on various scales.

In order to ensure a high-quality global service, our design office, with a multidisciplinary approach, not only makes use of its internal staff, but also of a wide network of specialised professionals who have built a privileged partnership with the company. This allows us to always ensure quick and timely expert advice in the field of structural design, seismic retrofitting and energy efficiency upgrading, all with low professional costs.

It is an integrated and coordinated operating team where designers, technicians, company and client all work together throughout the various stages of the complex construction process, assessing at all times the costs, flexibility, efficiency and sustainability of the operations in order to guarantee, with creativity and innovation, the end client’s quality of life.


We use the latest 3D modelling and photomontage tools to allow our demanding clients to visualise our designs, step by step, before work begins. 2D designs take shape and become 3D images, useful tools that are clear and understandable, helping us to assess during the design phase the infinite possibilities provided by the use of a wide range of materials, finishes and building techniques chosen with passion over the course of more than thirty years in the business.

Photorealistic insertions - which allow details to be checked, furnishings to be laid out, and natural and artificial light sources to be planned - allow for decisions to be shared with the client and for complete control over the design, with a marked reduction in costs and unexpected issues during the construction phase.

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